Dr. Burducea, commonly referred to as "Dr. B” by his patients, is actively involved in both medical and civic organizations in New York, including the New York County Medical Society and the Central Park Conservancy. Dr. B enjoys spending a lot of his time mentoring and teaching aspiring young doctors. He spent almost 10 years as an Attending Physician and Assistant Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. He has lectured extensively on topics ranging from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Myofacial Pain Syndrome and postoperative pain management.
When Dr. B isn't caring for his patients, he enjoys volunteering in his community and church with his family. A few of his favorite organizations to volunteer with include NYCares, CityHarvest/FeedingAmerica, and Reading Partners NYC. Dr. B is also a regular volunteer in the NY OASAS program. He spends time counseling individuals with substance abuse problems, including drug, alcohol and opioid addiction. Dr. B puts a high priority on spending time with his wife and young sons. One of his favorite things to do on weekends, is  to take his toddler son to soccer practice and swimming lessons. He also enjoys spending his free time watching soccer, working out and traveling with his family.

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